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The abdominal x-ray (AXR) has a much more limited value in diagnosis than a chest x-ray.

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If perforation is suspected then an erect chest X-ray should be performed as well as an abdominal X-ray.

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The merits of any investigation should always be balanced against cost and risk.

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Chest radiographs are the most common film taken in medicine.

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However, during the procedure no peritoneal defect could be identified.

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Peritoneum is thin membrane which lines the walls of abdominal cavity and the viscera that lies inside the abdomen.


It is sometimes abbreviated to AXR, or KUB (for kidneys, ureters, and urinary bladder.

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Investigations are normally undertaken after history and examination.

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Radiographic Anatomy Abdominal muscles Abdominal organ systems Digestive system Spleen Accessory digestive organs Urinary system Abdominal cavity Quadrants and regions.

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A decubitus film (patient lying on his or her side) is also of use in certain situations.

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An X-ray of the abdomen in erect position can be helpful in the diagnosis of a number of complications related to the abdomen area.

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Otherwise, if the patient is too weak, and cannot maintain its erect position for a long period of time, a lateral decubitus can be use.Also for hypersthenic patients, two crosswise radiographic film may be required to include the entire abdomen on the radiograph.An erect X-ray of the chest was performed which showed free air in the abdomen and subcutaneous emphysema (Figure 1).The value of erect and supine abdominal radiographs and erect chest radiographs was analysed prospectively in 102 consecutive patients admitted to hospital with acute abdominal symptoms.

The prognostic value of an erect and supine abdominal X-ray was studied prospectively in 97 patients with an acute abdomen.Abdominal X-ray: A plain X-ray of the abdomen can help see the organs and conditions in the belly including intestinal obstruction or perforation.A chest radiograph, colloquially called a chest X-ray (CXR), or chest film, is a projection radiograph of the chest used to diagnose conditions affecting the chest, its contents, and nearby structures.

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Under suspicion of peritoneal perforation a diagnostic laparoscopy was performed.It is often used for urgent investigation - for example, of acute abdominal pain.A poorly penetrated film looks diffusely light (an X-ray is a negative) and soft tissue structures are readily obscured, especially those behind the heart.Although 64 (66%) of the radiographs showed an abnormality, the surgical registrar altered his clinical diagnosis on only seven occasions and changed his management on four.

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An abdominal X-ray is a picture of structures and organs in the belly (abdomen).

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The PA erect abdominal radiograph is often obtained in conjunction with the AP supine abdominal view in the acute abdominal series of radiographs.

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When used together it is a valuable projection in assessing air fluid levels, and free air in the abdominal cavity.Most abbreviations and acronyms that are used in the LOINC database have been fully spelled out in English.Although an AXR is a plain radiograph, it has a radiation dose equivalent to 50 pos-teroanterior chest x rays or six months of standard background radiation.

Shop at Photos.com for beautiful wall art with fast shipping and easy returns.Cassette is placed so that the pubic bone is at the bottom of the film.The PA projection allows accurate evaluation of the cardiothoracic ratio, comparison between PA examinations, removal of the scapula shadows from the lung fields, and is performed in the erect position on full inspiration at a distance of approximately 6 feet from the x-ray tube (2).In most cases, abdominal X-ray is taken in erect position to determine presence of free air in the peritoneum.

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