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Jelqing primaily targets girth, but can be used to achieve some length gains due to the naturally pulling motion of the exercise.Jelqing exercises are safe and natural, get jelqing video instructions at the website above.

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Jelqing is a penis enlargement technique designed to force blood into your penis with a high amount of pressure.

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That mentioned, some achieve size effortlessly and other folks only discover girth raises.To help readers who may be starting out on a jelqing program, Aaron Kemmer, author of the book Exercising the Penis, has provided the following basic jelqing routine.Check out what this exercise looks from this jelqing video, then check out this site which guarantees 1-4 inches of added size and shows you the proper jelqing technique for every effective exercise for increasing size.The purpose of the jelqing exercise is to force more blood into the corpora cavernosa (the spongy tissue that makes up the.

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This process was used to increase the size of the flaccid penis and erection of the state.It is one of the oldest brands that has been around for more than 10 years.

I want to make my penis bigger but only in girth about 1 to 1.5 more inches and my length on.25 is there any exercises i cant do to get there im not looking for fast gains either just like maybe getting my gains a month or less.To enhace thickness, reps which normally take 2-3 seconds, should take about 4-5 seconds.It is said to be the only natural technique capable of increasing the size of your penis.You can learn how to jelq by checking out this full routine which has all the proper number of sets and reps, and it guarantees 1-4 inch gains.

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Only you have to know how to jelq for length and practice this exercise in the right way.

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If you are interested in increasing penis girth, then you probably already know how important increased width is.This is because girth gains are hard to notice compared to length gains.You regularly shaft-stroke your penis to stretch the penis tissue to cause micro tears.

We are doing length exercises more to complement our jelqing exercises and maximize girth gains.Jelqing is an ancient tradition in which Arab women in Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Syria and Turkey, the country of Malawi for over 3000 years.

Jelqing exercises will enlarge both girth and the length of the penis.However the grip is usually referred to as an Ok grip there is no requirement.

Jelqing exercises are Arabic in origin and refer to a number of tried and tested penis enlargement exercises that are known to increase the male sexual organ in size and circumference.Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.The standard Okay grip can be used in two techniques, palms up (a standard Alright) and palms down (an overhand Okay).

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That creates little tears in the muscle walls, which heal overnight slightly larger than their original size.Many people recommend jelqing and the ways on how to do jelqing exercises to increase the size of their penises.

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When the penile tissue recovers, the overall penis will gain in size.

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It is meant to increase the hardness, length, and girth by stimulating blood pressure and flow to your penis.