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Definition noun A growth in which the rate is proportional to the increasing number or size in an exponential (rather than arithmetical) or logarithmic progression.

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A second growth, seen in plants like crops or timber after harvesting. (noun) Any abstraction of the above. (noun) Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

This is very useful for farmers as it helpsthem decide which crops to grow.Definition of growth. 1a (1): a stage in the process of growing: size (2): full growthb: the process of growingc: progressive development: evolutiond: increase, expansion the growth of the oil industry.

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Definition of growth industry What does the word growth industry mean.You can use growth to refer to plants which have recently developed or which developed at the same time.

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The definition of growth yield is the rate at which the size perunit time increases.Harrod-Domar growth model Definition Economics. noun a theoretical growth model which examines the problems of growth in an economy when a fixed capital output ratio is seen together with a fixed propensity to save.The Concrete Noun Recognize a concrete noun when you see one.

English grammar nouns for kids youtubeenglishclubdefinition of common no.Growth in a person, animal, or plant is the process of increasing in physical size and development.hormones which control fertility and body growth.

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Growth of an organism may stop at maturity, as in the case of humans and other mammals, or it may continue throughout life, as in many plants.

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They constitute a large domain of prokaryotic microorganisms.

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The definition of growth in Dictionary is as: An increase in size, number, value, or strength.

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Economics is a study of how people and society end up choosing with or without the use of money to employ scarce productive resources which could have alternative uses to produce various commodities and distribute them now or in future among various persons and groups of society.

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